[Boxing Instructor] Marhsall Bruce [D]

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[Boxing Instructor] Marhsall Bruce [D]

Post by Zex. » Mon Jul 10, 2017 1:17 pm

Which fighting instructor sidejob do you want?: Boxer instructor

Ingame name: Marhsall Bruce

Ingame age: 21

Character's story(You can use the story from your application): Marhsall Bruce was born in England to a middle class family to Thomas Bruce and his wife Maddison Bruce . He was the second child of the married couple , his brother being Matthew Bruce . Who is seven years older than Marhsall. Thomas Bruce worked as a manager at a local dollar store , making sure everything in the store is in check while his mother worked as the cashier at the same store . His mother and father worked extra-hours as to support the family and their two children . Overall , they lived happily together .

As kids . One day, while their parents were out at work , Marhsall woke up to see his brother out in the living room watching old boxing movies . At first , Marhsall was not interested in boxing , he thought it was too violent and uncivilized . As usual , Marhsall got ready and left for school . One the way there he accidentally bumped into a group of three teenagers , taking it as a sign of provocation the teenagers beat up Marhsall , and left him bruised . He ran home in tears and told his brother what happened . Matthew , enraged a what happened to his brother , went to confront the group of teenagers who were loitering by the park . Marhsall watched at a distance while his brother was talking to the teenagers . Suddenly , Matthew starts throwing punches relentlessly , the teenagers ran , didn't even try to hit back . Experience this whole incident brought the brothers closer and made Marhsall want to learn how to defend himself.

After that day , Marhsall would head to the gym with his brother every afternoon . This is where Marhsall fell in love with the art of boxing . He dedicated his childhood to the sport , training five days a week . Going so far as to correct his diet and his gaming habits just to improve at the sport . After two months into the training , Marhsall at age thirteen , was set to spar with someone one year older than him . After a close fight , Marhsall knocked out the challenger with a heavy left hook , this sky-rocketed his amateur career . He went on to have an amazing amateur career with an undisputed record of 11-0 .

His passion for boxing hit the dirt , as he found out his brother was leaving for Los Santos for a job opportunity . Marhsall hung up his gloves and lived as a regular kid . Studying , girls , gaming . Marhsall's heart took another blow as his parents had to divorce after his dad was caught cheating . Marhsall along with his mom decided to move to LS , staying at his brothers place . Depressed about the divorce , Marhsall sought a way to to get himself back up on his feet . Marhsall tagged along with his brother to Central Avenue Gym , where he met the greatest boxer in LS , Riley Lynch . Riley Lynch , trained Marhsall as one of his own , and Marhsall is proud to consider himself a part of "Team Poison" . He still trains at Central Avenue gym to this day , and hopes to be of help to "TEAM POISON" by planning to help out the rookies of the gym understand the ropes of boxing.

Ingame level: 8

What type of roleplayer are you? (Cop/Gang/Mafia/Gov/Civilian) Civilian

How do you plan to treat the instructor job(Roleplaying/giving it out/training)?

All the training sessions I'm responsible for would be conducted by myself . Before the training begins , I would see to it that all the trainees are fit and have no injuries that would affect their long term health . All trainees who are to be trained by me will be made sure that they are determined and willing to learn more about the sport of boxing.

I have divided the training into sections , each focusing on a different areas of boxing the fighter needs to posses in order to be a veteran boxer.


-All trainees are required to stretch before /ANY/ of the training sessions take place . Stretching reduces the chance of muscle soreness , injury , and improves your performance.

-Cardio is an important part of boxing as well as being healthy in life , all round .

-All trainees will be lined up with the instructor in front of the pack leading them . This particular section i label as Roadwork . The line would jog throughout Los Santos . Trainees will be instructed before hand about the commands the instructor would tell and what they are to do in order to follow said command .

- Down! : All members within the line are required to do one push-up , lowering themselves closest to the ground .

- Combo! : All members within the line are required to string a fury of punches . The amount of the punches will be decided by the instructor.

- "Mouth-work" : All members are required to shout out the remaining ends of a particular sentence when the instructor yells out the first part of said sentence . Speaking/Singing/Shouting while running has proved to utilize better methods of breathing especially for athletes who must understand the knowledge of how to breathe properly to conserve stamina when throwing punches and avoid getting gassed out.

- How this helps in boxing? : Having good cardio allows the fighter to push through the match . Boxing matches sometimes last 45 minutes . Strong fighters do alot of cardio to avoid getting gassed out in the earlier rounds . It is important that the fighter has good stamina , as the effectiveness of a fighters punch is complementary to how much stamina the fighter has.


- This section works on improving the fighters movement and footwork.

- Jump-rope : One of the most well known footwork exercise in the sport of boxing in jump rope . All trainees are required to do at least 500 consecutive jump ropes . When the trainees understand and improve at jump rope , they will be instructed to do more advanced jump ropes techniques like double under , cross over , squat jumps and side to side .

- How this helps in boxing? : A fighter can outwit even the strongest challengers with good footwork . Footwork is knowing when and how to step in or out , working your way around your opponent , and throwing punches with the right footing so you can get more power behind the punches.


- Heavy Bag : Trainees will be taught how to land punches . For the purpose of improving their form , the trainees will be instructed to work their punches on the heavy bag under the watch of an instructor . The instructor watching will help correct the trainees form while punching .

- Sparring : Two trainees will hop in the ring with proper the safety gear (Head gear , mouth guard , 16 oz gloves) on . Trainees will be asked to utilize what they learned so far to out-box the opponent . All this will be done under careful watch of an instructor .

- Head movement and Defense : Trainees will be instructed to move their head / and or put their hands up to avoid carefully places punches from the instructors .

- How this helps in boxing? Proper ring work is what measures the fighting capability a fighter can do inside the actual ring .

Every fighting style you give out will give out to a warning to all the admins & testers online so abusing will be caught on the spot. Abusing the side-job will get you punished for however long or much the staff member feels would be necessary. You must /leavejob upon namechanging or if you were removed due to inactivity or other reason. Sign your name if you are competent enough to handle this side-job and will not abuse: Image

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Re: [Boxing Instructor] Marhsall Bruce [D]

Post by Superb » Mon Jul 17, 2017 6:29 am

We're sorry to inform you but your application has been denied.

We have decided that you are not fit for the side-job for the following reason(s)
  • Doesn't meet requirements, PM me if concerned. Feel free to re-apply in two weeks from this post.
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