[Detective Job] Connor Bernthal [D]

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[Detective Job] Connor Bernthal [D]

Post by KingMaxel » Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:42 pm

Applying for the job does not guarantee that you will get it. Following the recent revisions made to the detective job, the job itself is no longer accessible by every player in the server. In an effort to ensure that the role-play surrounding private investigations - be it on a legal or illegal front - is rewarding for those involved & that the niche field of role-play is given the attention it deserves, the job is only open to those who are going to use it as a primary means of role-play. If you do not intend on doing so, do not bother posting this application as we will not struggle to recognise those who want the job for genuine purposes and those that do not.
  • In-Game Name: Connor Bernthal Level: 1 Are you currently role-playing with a faction?: Not at the moment of submitting this.
    • If yes, which?: Los Santos Eye
    • If yes, how does investigative role-play relate to your role within said faction?: My start role will be PI (private investigator), field investigator.
    Why do you want the detective job?: I would like to obtain the Detective Job because I'm looking for a new opportunity and a unique roleplay style on this server. I'm still doing my research about operative agents and private investigators, but I believe everything will go in a right direct and I'll enjoy this roleplay type. I have never done something like this before on this sever, but I have a backstory for my character and some back in time cinematic roleplay for my character.

    I've never had this detective job, nor I've been part of PI firms or detective bureaus on this server, but I have a little experience within detective roleplay, as I've been part of Detective Bureau in a Sheriff's faction styled on another server, obviously less detailed and less opportunities scriptwise. I have a long way yet to come for owning a total knowledges about this type of roleplay, but the reason I put so much effort for this application is relevant, I really wish to do this roleplay because it comes with a lot of fun and team work.

    How do you intend on using the detective job?: First of all, I would use it totally legal following the IC standards and procedures for a Private Investigator license and obviously follow the investigation firm's protocols. I will only use it for firm's cases related on duty. I understand having this job will bring a lot of opportunities scriptwise and IC perks for me but I'll be very careful and I'm going to make a plan before every mission involving the IC technology and perks offered by having this job.

    After using the technology offered by this scriptwise job, I'm gonna purchase and get it by In-Character methods, if not using LSE's issued items. At the moment I have no really knowledges about PI special devices (I only know the basic stuffs, no details) but I'm still continuing with my research widely about this domain. I developed an attraction for this type of roleplay and being in the right faction, I believe my roleplay overall knowledges will largely spread and I really want to continue in this roleplay for good, if roleplay opportunities doesn't stop at a certain point.
Should you be given the job, be aware that any misuse of its features will result in significant repercussions. If at any point you name-change, be it by choice or as a result of a character kill, you must /leavejob. Failure to do so may potentially result in repercussions too.

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Re: [Detective Job] Connor Bernthal

Post by Torilla » Sat Jan 13, 2018 11:11 pm

Your detective job application has been denied!

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    Do not bother the handling staff member after your application has been denied. If you think the decision is unjust, make a report to the Head of Side-Job Moderators (current — jopp).
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