[Detective Job] Jeanette Carter

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[Detective Job] Jeanette Carter

Post by thatguybird » Thu Jun 06, 2019 11:15 pm


  • Character name: Jeanette_Carter
    Character age: 25
    Character level: 23
    List all current and past character names, on every account, and their levels: Jeanette Carter lvl 23; Simon Lockwood; Alexandra Novotna; Paul Stockford
    Noah Redwood lvl 5; Alexandra Novotna
    Character's current faction: Civilian

    How do you plan to develop your character as a detective?: I would work for IRIS full time, developing my character in both personal interests and roleplays sake, as I think it is a very appropriate calling for my character considering she has been referred by a detective for being observant and patient.

    Why do you want the detective job?: I am working for a Detective Agency, and having the job makes everything compliant with the actual job.

    How do you intend on using the detective job?: I would work with IRIS security, doing contracts, being a P.I., the usual type of thing a Detective does.

    Do you have any previous experience role-playing as a detective?:
Only side-eying what my IC employer (IRIS) did.
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Re: [Detective Job] Jeanette Carter

Post by Iudex » Mon Jun 10, 2019 5:33 pm

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