[Detective Job] Carry_Saunders [D]

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Ingame name: Carry Saunders

[Detective Job] Carry_Saunders [D]

Post by knppel » Tue Mar 20, 2018 5:38 pm


Applying for the job does not guarantee that you will get it. Following the recent revisions made to the detective job, the job itself is no longer accessible by every player in the server. In an effort to ensure that the role-play surrounding private investigations - be it on a legal or illegal front - is rewarding for those involved & that the niche field of role-play is given the attention it deserves, the job is only open to those who are going to use it as a primary means of role-play. If you do not intend on doing so, do not bother posting this application as we will not struggle to recognise those who want the job for genuine purposes and those that do not.
  • In-Game Name: Carry_Saunders
    Level: 62

    Are you currently role-playing with a faction?: Yes
    • If yes, which?: SAN
    • If yes, how does investigative role-play relate to your role within said faction?: Simply put, for one guy coming forward to tell a true evident story a newsreporter has to go through ten people providing false intel, no matter their individual reasoning for this. Thus, investigations play a major role and effectively covers around a quarter of my playtime, or even more if there's an ongoing case ingame my character is involved in.
    Why do you want the detective job?: As hinted at above, it is in the nature of the game that not everyone wants their exploits published to a broad audience. Listening to people and asking the right questions will always be the main part of an investigation, however experience tells that at some points, you'll have to listen to people while they think themselves safe and in private, as they'd not discuss certain matters openly.
    On the other hand stands the security question for the news reporter.
    In LS, everyone who shoots someone at the mall thinks they are a little Vladimir Putin and obliged to kill news reporters freely to prevent their stuff from going on the news- something that I by no means intend to argue, given your face on the news can get you to jail, ruin your business, cut your connections and what not else.
    It is up to the reporter to take precautions when investigating things, and to make sure that in case something does go wrong, this gets noticed and further investigated.
    This is also something where the Detective job comes in very handy, as it allows the reporter not just to wire up and record on her own, or to use interns as mobile moles, but also allows the usage of wires as a defensive measure (with the last resort being a 911 call dropped by the spectator if the reporter gets in urgent danger).
    It's absolutely crucial as reporter to be able to take measures to ensure that simply killing you off backfires on people, elsewise everyone comes.

    How do you intend on using the detective job?: Mostly by wiring up myself (less with the idea to be recording to gather evidence, moreso with the intention to not just get murked without anyone noticing in case) or using other people as mobile moles, however I can also imagine the usage of moles in properties (typically by preparing a property with hidden microphones, luring the suspect of an investigation there and making them talk while being recorded or listened in on) as well as the usage of the drones, less as a tactical tool, but more as gimmick to have the drone camera go where the reporter cannot.
Should you be given the job, be aware that any misuse of its features will result in significant repercussions. If at any point you name-change, be it by choice or as a result of a character kill, you must /leavejob. Failure to do so may potentially result in repercussions too.

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Re: [Detective Job] Carry_Saunders

Post by Cantbehudson » Tue Mar 20, 2018 5:46 pm

Your detective job application has been denied!

  • The job is only open to those who are going to use it as a primary means of role-play. Your character is a news reporter celebrity. Although, I do not want to hold you back. I recommend you to have a tech guy applying, he could get the detective job easily.
    Do not bother the handling staff member after your application has been denied. If you think the decision is unjust, make a report to the Head of Side-Job Moderators (current — jopp).


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