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[Boxing Instructor] Tiu_Fang [A]

Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2019 1:10 pm
by minhan

  • Character name: Tiu Fang
    Character age: 21
    Character level: 10
    Character's name over level 8: Tiu Fang
    Are you applying to be a Kung-Fu Instructor or a Boxing Instructor?: Kung Fu Instructor

    Character's current faction: N/A
    How will your character's faction affect your role-playing style for the job?:
    I am not in any faction as of this moment.

    Why do you want the fighting instructor job?:
    My character's dream and main goal in life is for her to start her very own place to teach martial arts, her very own dojo where she sets her own rules and she teaches people the way she wants to and to portray martial arts how she wants it to be, as the "Snakes Fang". Teaching people the right ways in using martial arts, introducing people martial arts and to have that feeling of satisfaction, knowing you as a teacher have shared your knowledge to your students and learns it and it is passed down to others. That feeling of being the source of knowledge of the thing she's more passionate about, martial arts.
    She is very passionate about martial arts and she just loves it, it is her way of telling herself to be always be centered keep getting her self fit and on shape. She knows that this is a healthy lifestyle and it could lead you to a longer life, a peaceful one at that.
    Having place where there would be tournaments, showcasing her students improvements and build up each of their own techniques. It is for the people to being interested and be part of this kind of lifestyle. I would need a fighting instructor job for ((script-wise)) teaching people (( being able to grant them the fighting style )) being able to share Tiu Fang's knowledge and techniques in mix martial arts to the people. Also, it is for Tiu to be able to have her own income aswell. Financially, it would be a great thing for Tiu as she knows it is her passion and it is one of her life goals.

    How do you intend to train characters?:
    As of now, Tiu has a potential contact in possibly getting her own mini studio financed and offered by a Chinese Mobster Boss who wants Tiu Fang to teach his girlfriend all about Martial arts, however, if Tiu Fang does not or will not be able to get her studio or establishment, she'll be teaching in the outdoors.
    Keeping in mind:
    -There would be a maximum of 7 students and a minimum of 2 students per session and sessions will happen rarely once every possible week!
    -Tiu Fang's teaching will be /very/ strict and she would have her sessions organized and well planned.
    -She accepts and teaches anyone who is capable of learning martial arts regardless of their physical abilities, as long as you are willing to learn and has the heart to change and to finish the whole course, then you are very much welcome to the dojo.
    -It may be possible that I am able to create a faction out of this, once she has her dojo and/or even a agreeable number of people who are loyal and would be willing to ((RP)) help out in the dojo.

    Her teachings would have 5 stages.

    1. Basics:
    Firstly, the basics, the students are to be taught the basics of martial arts, whether he/she is already experienced or not, it is compulsory and it is needed for you to learn the basics and perform them to complete the whole session.

    2. Brief history and stretching exercises:
    Second, The students has to start their stretching exercises, they need to be flexible and warmed up for the practices and moves they are about to learn, it is also good for them to be able to calm as it is more like meditation through the flow of the body and the stretching of the muscles, as it is very relieving and helpful for them to move freely and flexibly in combat whether by defense or offence.

    3. Basic, Advanced, Intermediate combos.
    Thirdly, the students will begin their phase in learning the basic combos, the advanced combos and the intermediate combos for the purpose of counter attack on defense, and attacking directly on offence. Basically sums up the few techniques of Tiu's knowledge in Mix Martial Arts.

    4. Defense/Offence, Applying the combos.
    Fourthly each of the students will be performing self defense by blocking each others incoming attacks and attacking directly at a defensive stance. They will also need to apply the combos they have learned in this stage and it must be shown correctly.

    5. The Sparring - The Tournament.
    Lastly the students will spar with each other and it will be as a tournament to see who have improved the most over all the students. It will also serve as having to use your new fighting style with the ones who you learned together with to bond and to see who's improve more than you and for you to adjust in the future to make yourself a better martial artist.

    ((I will also be giving them the Fighting style at this point for them to fight.))

    After finishing all the stages given in this session, the students will be given a completion ceremony for their efforts in finishing and completing the course. They will be given the belt of the "Snakes Fang" belt, as it is the sign of their hard work and dedication with the certification of the completion of the course.

    Do you have any previous experience role-playing as a fighting instructor?:
    None, but I have seen a real taekwondo instructor taught a few basics. I will be able to reference my roleplay from that instructor to make it more realistic and have the feel of being an instructor and for the others to feel like being taught by a real instructor.

    ((I was told to re-apply in two weeks))

Re: [BOXING] Tiu_Fang

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 1:12 pm
by Acrobat
We are happy to announce your application has been accepted!
  • Congratulations on being accepted, please contact an Admin in-game via /re to obtain the job.
  • Remember to /leavesidejob when you namechange or no longer wish to have the side-job anymore.
  • Please let us know if you CK or NC by posting here or sending a PM
  • Remember you are require to post in this application log every time you give out the fightstyle to the player using the format below.


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[b]Player given fightstyle:[/b]
[b]Date/Time fightstyle given:[/b]
[b]Proof of IC method fightstyle roleplay[/b] (screenshots)

Re: [Boxing Instructor] Tiu_Fang [A]

Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2019 12:48 am
by minhan
Player given fightstyle: Judith Mattsson
Date/Time fightstyle given: 25/2/2019 23:44
Proof of IC method fightstyle roleplay

Re: [Boxing Instructor] Tiu_Fang [A]

Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 12:12 pm
by Acrobat