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[Detective] Len_Hayashi

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 2:34 am
by UrbanNights

  • Character name: Len Hayashi
    Character age: 22
    Character level: 19
    Character's name over level 8: N/A

    Character's current faction: Len Hayashi is not affiliated with any faction, he works independently or with another person.
    How will your character's faction affect your role-playing style for the job?:

    Why do you want the detective job?:

    I want the detective job so I can fully role play (and then check script wise) for electronic surveillance devices such as wires, moles, cameras, etc. My character is a younger character who has been exposed to these technologies via Andre Gorham, and through role play with him as governed a fair amount of understanding of how these devices are made, where they would be stored, and how they work. Once he's learned about all the worst of the world that people can listen to you or track you anytime. He shifts through this mental phenomenon that he's not safe in the comfort of his own home and vehicle. Ultimately, my character is concerned that at any given time he could be being followed or watched. My character, at first glance, is totally a normal citizen with no rap sheet who caries a pistol he does not have a license for. However, digging deeper behind the scenes you'd find out my character is associated with some people who distribute drugs, and as such my character seeks to do different searches to ensure any deals aren't recorded. He wants to ensure all work is done with 100 percent confidence and knowing there's no repercussions in the midst of happening. Len has also been conducting private investigations on a person who was kidnapped, drugged, and beaten brutally with a bat who underwent amnesia.

    How do you intend on using the detective job?:

    Wires:. As previously stated, my character has experience with wires through Andre. I wish to use my script wise access to them to complement role play with making them. My character RPly has a lot of experience building electronics, as he has taken two years of college in electrical engineering. I really like in-depth role play of the acquisition of parts, assembly, and distribution of these electronic surveillance devices. And the detective job permits me to actually assemble these ALONGSIDE the role play, as opposed to role playing making them but having no access to them at all. I want to use Wires and Moles to further conduct investigation roleplay as opposed to working with what I currently have being that there's a job that specializes in what im trying to do. I'd like to have the use of wires to have other people confront the deals so I can watch from the back lines to ensure the safety of my Affiliates and myself. I also seek to provide contract based to anyone who's looking for it whether its drugs, guns, or finding out of someone hasn't been telling the truth.

    Cheaters:. My character also does a lot of dating and hanging around female characters. Because of this, he has an interested in the people he fucks around with. As a result, my character will place moles, wires, and other electronic surveillance devices on people he has a romantic interest in and watch them. Specifically, he will follow them, listen to them, and otherwise stalk these people. He seeks to make sure no one is dating or prostituting themselves behind his back. Since Len has found it harder to trust people, he seeks to find out whether or not people display the Loyalty and respect he gives to the people of his importance.

    Moles: I want to utilize moles to gain intel on conduct intelligence roleplay upon business to find out whether or not they have drugs, guns or ammos stored and learn who runs things. I found that this can be really interesting gaining intel from other peoples conversation and utilize it as a way for me to conduct new role play opportunities for my Affiliates and I. I will be able to conduct surveillance roleplay within businesses and companies to use collected data to my own advantage and conduct organized crimes upon them if they have what Len is looking for. I'd also like to take advantage of moles to fit my investigation role plays to piece together stories with solid evidence and continue contract based work since he prefers to work alone or with a small group.

    Do you have any previous experience role-playing as a detective?:
No, But I was in PD in another server before I had settled in LSRP and I've been opening myself to the detective job due to role playing with another character who currently owns it. Most of my roleplay is consisted of surveillance roleplay, handling and fiddling of electronics, and handling problems independently. I've been taking the time to learn the ins and outs of the job and understanding how I can take surveillance role play to a deeper level of understanding and utilize to further develop my role play skills and my characters.

Re: [Detective] Len_Hayashi

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 3:46 am
by Acrobat
We are sorry to inform you but your application has been denied.

  • Doesn't meet the detective job requirements. Any concerns are to be forwarded via private messages.
    Do not bother the handling staff member after your application has been denied. If you think the decision is unjust, make a report to the Head of Side-Job Moderators.