Renovations Concluded At San Andreas Correctional Facility

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Renovations Concluded At San Andreas Correctional Facility

Post by SADCR PRU » Tue Apr 23, 2019 3:03 pm


Renovations Concluded At San Andreas Correctional Facility
April 23, 2019 | News Releases

FORT CARSON, SA — Renovations at the San Andreas Correctional Facility (SACF) in Bone County concluded earlier this month. The multi-million dollar project was aimed at increasing the security and efficiency of the facility and its staff.

Two new Secure Housing Units (SHU), which house house maximum security inmates or lower custody inmates who have broken the Correctional Rehabilitation Code (CRC), were built next to the General Population Units, Facility A and Facility B. The General Population Units also received numerous renovations, including the construction of four new watch towers overlooking the release yards which overwent rehauls to improve operational safety and efficiency. Each General Populaton and Secure Housing Unit is self-contained and can operate independently from the others if necessary.

Renovations were also made to existing facilities. Parking lots for both staff and visitors were expanded to accomodate an increase in operational requirements. In addition, the project saw the replacement of one of the oldest staff facilities which house the offices and training areas of the institution's specialized units, including Special Services and Crisis Response Team personnel.

The renovations to the San Andreas Correctional Facility were part the reorganization of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation enacted by Governor Wade Reynolds, whose plan also included several improvements to the Correctional Training Center (CTC) and were funded through the issuance of bonds.

Construction works were completed while the facility remained in operation and was completed in a design-build approach by Baker, Petrosyan & Partners Studio LLP. The new buildings are designed to achieve LEED Silver certification through various environmental-friendly features such as low-emission construction materials and high-efficiency lighting fixtures.

April 19, 2019
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