SADOC Launches Step-Down Program

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SADOC Launches Step-Down Program

Post by Department of Corrections » Thu Sep 22, 2016 4:14 pm


SACF, Bone County — The San Andreas Department of Corrections announced today that it is taking steps to implement a new plan, the Step Down Program, aimed at providing inmates with a reliable, standard way to appeal their placement in the Security Housing Unit. The ultimate goal of the program is to establish if the inmate represents an active threat to the security of the facility in order to be released in the General Population Unit.

The program will alter several of the current procedures employed by SADOC in regards to the management of high-risk inmates who have been placed into administrative segregation as a result of their affiliation with a Security Threat Group (STG).

One of these changes will be the suppression of the solitary confinement for inmates confirmed —validated— to belong in a STG-I, which are the most dangerous category of Security Threat Groups. It is now a widespread belief that long-term solitary confinement does not improve an inmate's chances of being rehabilitated and, instead, contributes to worsen their behavior.

To this end, SADOC will allow all STG-I validated inmate to share their cell with another such inmate. Both inmates must have been validated as members of the same group. Violence between cellmates will result in the inmate responsible for the violence to lose their right to have a cellmate, temporarily or indefinitely.

The disciplinary history of inmates who apply to the program and their subsequent progress will be evaluated by the newly established Inmate Classification Review Board. The board will be composed by a minimum of two members and chaired by the Warden, SACF or their designee. Permanent members of the Board will be the Chief, Bureau of Field Operations, and the Commanding Officer, Investigative Services Unit; the board chairman may opt to include additional members on a case-by-case basis.

Inmates will be able to access the Step Down Program upon meeting minimum requirements, after which they will be able to present a formal appeal to the board. The Step-Down Program has a projected duration of eight weeks.

If the inmate meets the requirements, he enters the second step, during which his progress within the program is assessed by the board: if the progress is deemed sufficient, the inmate is then scheduled for transfer to General Population.

The third step allows the inmate to gradually re-enter the General Population while still being monitored for STG behavior; at the end of the third step, the board reviews the behavior of the inmate and if no evidence of STG-related offenses is found, the inmate is allowed to remain in the General Population Unit.

Additionally, each step of the Step-Down Program includes a limited number of privileges for inmates whose behavior is in line with what required by the program's conditions. Privileges include phone calls, non-contact visits and possibility to interact with other segregated inmates to facilitate the inmate reintegration in the society.


SEPTEMBER 22, 2016
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