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Meet the Officer #04

Post by Department of Corrections » Mon Oct 10, 2016 6:36 pm


Interview conducted by Sergeant Lehmbeck
October 10, 2016

  • The Public Relations Unit today directs its spotlight toward CO-II Stinson, a parole agent and a medical technician in the San Andreas Department of Corrections. CO Stinson was instated as part of Academy #63 in late August, and his above-average service earned him a Rookie of the Month commendation for September.

    Image How did you become a CO?
    • Well, a coworker and I have been friends from way too long… He told me he was going to apply for the department, and at first, I thought it would be a boring desk job… Filing paperwork for the facility.
      I started researching about it, actually : on the website, on youtube, everywhere I could.
      And then I made a decision to go for it, I pictured myself wandering in these halls, with a purpose.
      Then I applied for it.
      The recruitment process was pretty smoothed out, detailed and well organized. I was given proper dates, proper instructions. And following those instructions got me here without any issues.

      I don’t consider myself a tough, brave person, I have a law degree. But the department as made me brave enough to stand for myself and the integrity of something I believe in.
    Image How harsh is the job?
    • The idea of me being locked inside with the worst people from all over the state.
      To be honest, in the first few weeks, it seemed quite harsh, being locked up away from the city, away from the friends and family.
      It was a pretty tough situation to handle, and I guess I'm familiar with every single brick of the facility now.
      There was an inmate, acting all weird, she behaved like a dog, licked our shoes. She bit a coworker off, and ended herself in Department C [Secure Housing Block]. I was the one ordered to transport her.
    Image How has this line of work affected you so far?
    • The DOC has many positive impacts on my life, not being against the PD and SD… But the DOC is different. There might be professional jealousy in other departments, but I haven’t faced anything in here like this so far. When an officer in trouble calls in the radio, every single person responds to it, without any grudge.
      There’s a code here : The superiors don’t abuse their powers, the juniors here seem eager to learn… That’s of course my personal observation, but I’m a keen observer.

      In fact, being real honest with you, the Warden seemed discouraging from the start. But then I realized: He left a positive impact on me without even letting me know. He shaped my personality in such a way that I don’t mess around; and I don’t have any hesitation when I perform my duties.
    Image You were awarded Rookie of the Month for September, how did you react?
    • I wish I had a picture of myself at that moment. I was shocked.
      It’s not that I didn’t expect it, I had expectations as I had worked quite hard. But the fact that the environment is so competitive, and I actually managed to make a name for myself… was so astonishing.
    Image What advice would you give to new officers?
    • I’ll be real honest, especially for newly instated officers: You all would feel lonely and a bit scared in the start. You’ll have issues approaching inmates for anything… as leading our civilian lives, we are scared of them. But when you actually get to to know them, you can learn a lot.
      You must realize that we locked them up, not wrongly, but we did. Instead of enraging immediatly when offended, I basically don’t mind if they try to enrage or verbally abuse me. Of course, if they cross limits, I take serious action.

      After a week or so, it becomes a routine, and in the third week, you start loving the routine.
      I have an objective of getting my name into the 'hall of fame' of the Department. If you make a goal like that, you’ll just go through the routine and enjoy it even!
      For the newly instated officers, I'd like them to consider the Medical Services Unit.

  • Correctional Officers like CO Stinson work nearly every day under perilous conditions, in our department and across the nation. Although hidden by the walls and perimeters, their profession is noble: Its goal is to provide a safe environment for convicts to serve their sentences, and give those who want to rehabilitate the opportunity to do so.
    Outnumbered, they deal with our society's toughest.
    Each month, the Department of Correction opens new positions for potential applicants to fulfill. The minimum requirements include a valid driver’s licence, a clean record, a completed high-school education, and adequate vision. The State Corrections hire people of CO Stinson's profile every month, and reach out to those who recognize themselves in people like him: People of stellar moral character, steadfast in action and professional.
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