DOC Statement regarding David Garrison

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DOC Statement regarding David Garrison

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SACF, Bone County — On December 11, 2016, David Garrison was executed by the State of San Andreas for his heinous crimes against thirteen victims. Garrison was imprisoned in the San Andreas Correctional Facility while his trial was being heard by the courts. This temporary imprisonment was granted by Justice Michael Benedetto who signed an incarceration order which requested the courts "remand" David Garrison "to the custody of the San Andreas Department of Corrections, for the duration of his trial". Before arriving at the Correctional Facility, Garrison had been involved in injuring Los Santos Police Officers and as a result, the LSPD SWAT team had to bring the inmate into the facility. While incarcerated Garrison wrote letters to government officials confessing his odious crimes but also made allegations about San Andreas Department of Corrections officers abusing his rights.

The Department of Corrections were asked to place Garrison into permanent housing by Attorney General Anthony Guidone who presented the department with the written order from Justice Michael Benedetto. During David Garrison's incarceration, the inmate caused considerable and frequent trouble for staff. Justice Vernon Marshall confirmed in writing that Garrison had "bipolar personality disorder" and was a "diagnosed sociopath". Therefore, inmate Garrison was granted medical visitation as per the court order. Despite protection measures taken to protect Correctional Staff, the inmate managed to attack and threaten staff. He was still permitted visits from medical staff and legal officials from the Department of Justice. There were two recorded events where the inmate was transported to Fort Carson Medical Center to receive medical care. All visitation, to all inmates, is properly documented. Never was the inmate unduly denied visitation from medical staff. When the issue was raised in the State Senate, the Los Santos Fire Department confirmed they had been "granted" access to the inmate and were not "continuously denied" access to the inmate; the Lead Psychologist affirmed in the senate that he had seen Garrison to perform an evaluation.

The Department of Justice investigated claims of corruption, misconduct and excessive force from Correctional Staff, who were reported by David Garrison. After the investigation had been concluded, the attorney general reported the findings back to the Senate. After interviewing Correctional Staff in large altitudes, the investigators concluded the claims were unfounded. In the Senate, the attorney general said: "There is no evidence to indicate that David Garrison was denied medical treatment. We conducted countless interviews, but nothing has indicated that his rights were violated". With the many CCTV cameras constantly watching the facility, excessive or corrupt behavior would be easy to discover, and all evidence was handed over to the investigators from the Justice Department. Whilst in the care of the Department of Corrections, the inmate was treated justly and fairly. Throughout the investigation into the Department, staff were fully cooperative and full transparency was shown by the Department High Command.

It is the view of the Department of Corrections, backed up with the investigation from the Department of Justice and Fire Department, that while inmate David Garrison was remanded in the San Andreas Correctional Facility, there was no mistreatment by staff nor was the inmate denied access to medical care. Inmate Garrison was placed in permanent housing on the request of the courts. Any possible wrongdoing was deemed unintentional or not criminal, but all claims were unfounded. The Department of Corrections takes all allegations extremely seriously along with all other reports against misconduct. We thank the Justice and Fire Department for conducting investigations rightfully and honestly. The Department of Corrections is clear that suspects are innocent until proven guilty, and all those in custody of the Department shall be treated equally under the eyes of the law.


[Appendix #2: Correspondence from Justice V. Marshall]

[Appendix #3: SADOC Document for Indefinite Hold]
As far as our investigation, we have found no credible evidence to show that David Garrison's private information was released by the Los Santos Fire Department. In addition, David Garrison has authorized the release of information. In regards to the Los Santos Fire Department, there was a conflict between the DOC staff and about conducting an interview outside of his cell in a private area. Due to the threat Garrison posed, we believe the DOC was authorized to contain Mr. Garrison in his cell while being interviewed by the Los Santos Fire Department. There is no evidence to indicate that David Garrison was denied medical treatment. We conducted countless interviews, but nothing has indicated that his rights were violated.

The Department of Justice does find that David Garrison's rights were violated in regards to this act. Per the act, David Garrison was entitled to a review every two days in regards to confidential face-to-face communication. We do not believe the violations of his rights were intentional or criminal. We do however recommend that the Senate develop a proper and efficient fining system that may be administered to agencies within the State of San Andreas who violate the State of San Andreas Codes."

- Attorney General Darnell Murhpy, Department of Justice, 20/NOV/2016.
[Appendix #4: Transcript from State Senate - Darnell Murphy]
"The Los Santos Fire Department have been granted access to David Garrison for psychological visit by the Warden, at his
cell, last night. We have not been repeatedly denied access: although I am sure in a prison riot, they will not be sparing a CO for our little visit when it can be done afterwards with Garrison who is securely housed in C1.

The DOJ has launched an investigation, the LSFD has followed the Mental Health Act closely, worked with the law and justice system: as I say, I personally went last night to SACF to visit Garrison to have his evaluation done, alongside the Lead Psychologist and another Psychologist. "

- Russel Miles, Division Chief, Lead Psychologist, Los Santos Fire Department, 23/NOV/2016
[Appendix #5: Transcript from State Senate - Russel Miles]


MARCH 7, 2017
CONTACT: SGT Lars Granger

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