New threats connected to CLEO mods

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New threats connected to CLEO mods

Post by Mmartin » Fri Aug 07, 2015 8:08 pm


recently, there's been a couple of CLEO/ASI modifications that appear harmless at first, but have chunks of code that are hidden and attempt to send malicious data towards the server in effort to harm other players or the server itself. I'd like to remind everyone that all modifications are installed at your own risk and that you shouldn't install modifications from untrusted or unverified sources. Having a modification like that installed doesn't distinguish you from a cheater or a hacker/attacker and you're in clear risk of ending up being classified as one, needless to say that we don't condone any exploit use / abuse on LS-RP.

Remember, all modifications are installed at your own risk; you're responsible for your GTA instance.


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