READ: Reporting a Staff Member

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READ: Reporting a Staff Member

Post by Surreal » Thu Dec 03, 2015 1:36 pm

After spending some time being responsible for handling the majority of staff reports, it has become clear to me that the general community need to be informed about what justifies and what does not justify a staff report. The ability to report staff members should not be abused, and should not be an outlet for random outbursts or opinionated rants. They are for when you feel an admin has legitimately abused their powers, broken the rules or failed to fulfill their responsibilities. It is not a method to appeal for a lesser punishment when your actions justified the punishment. Before submitting a report, you should re-read your message and consider whether or not it is a valid report to make.

If you feel that an admin has abused their powers in-game/on the forums or you feel what they have done is completely incorrect then you may send a report to Surreal for the Leads to review.

A report sent on a staff member should include the following information:
    > Who you are reporting.
    > A concise and factual explanation of what has taken place.
    > A brief statement of how you were treated by the staff member and/or what punishment you received.
    > Explanation of why your treatment or punishment was incorrect, unjustified or inappropriate.
    > Evidence to support your report - chat-logs, (preferably) screenshots, video, etc.

    Note: A form of evidence is required for a staff report.


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