So you've been hacked?

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So you've been hacked?

Post by Damian » Mon Feb 15, 2010 12:39 pm

Sorry to break it to you but 99.9999999999% of the time you are not! LS:RP has a log detection of people trying to guess your password, and krisk is faaar from stupid and judging from his work he knows what he is doing. I'm not saying it's never going to be exploitable but just think for a second.

Why would a script kiddy create an exploit just to target your regular account over lets say, a tester's account? An admins account? Or even an lead admins account? We're all under the same system so we'd all be vulnerable for these "hacks". You're all great children of God under my eyes but from a realist point of view your account is honestly useless if the person can't really do anything with it.

So unless some script kiddy comes here expecting to steal all the e-money on the server, you're not hacked. Instead you've mishandled the password of your account. These are the common ways of an account being stolen:

Sharing passwords/accounts:
    Just freaking stop it already! Your account is YOUR account for a reason. You got a specific User ID for a reason, you got your own slot in the database in the reason, that account only has one slot for a name for a reason; because it is YOUR account. Sharing accounts with someone so far has been the most common so far of these "hacked" reports. So unless you're leaving this account in your will, don't give it out to anyone.

Bad Links / Downloads:
    This has been booming down there in the Hebrew forums. Bad links can contain keyloggers or fake places to login at. People these days are getting smarter and smarter. First bad links; if the site isn't , the exact context, do not slide your account information into it!

    Don't just randomly click sites either, a lot of retarded sites that like to steal information are usually long or has weird coding inside of the url.(Example &elfmf=emdd?eemd.idx etc etc) Be cautious before clicking!

    Downloads. Trust both the USER and the SITE! In fact before downloading, get someone to upload the file to first. It checks the files for viruses so you don't even have to bother.

Other Servers
    It's mostly these training servers around here on the server that is the cause of all this mess. If you're going to go play on other servers- USE. DIFFERENT. PASSWORDS! This kind of falls under don't share accounts as well. It doesn't take long, nor is it a hard task to use a different account. If it helps make a text document somewhere on your computer with all your password information.

People being tricked:
    The leads, admins, and testers will NEVER need your password. So if funny guys want to PM you saying your account is in trouble or something and that Mow needs your password, reply back with a picture of this.

And to the "hackers":

You retards are logged, everything you do, send, transfer is LOGGED! You are having fun at the moment but in the long run you will be caught. I don't know why you all take this game serious enough that you would actually go under someone's account just to take their money for yourself.

It's honestly really really sad. Just think about what you are doing with your life, and why you think going to that much of an extent over e-money or lulz is worth it that much?

For Example:
Devin Ryder's account was "hacked". After so he made a ticket informing the leads of his problems. I handled the ticket and after a few hours I found the guy. Reading through what the guy says just made me sad though. So much that I felt I should make a topic to get to you people. I'll let you do the reading yourself:

Code: Select all

cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:16:00 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(72): /myweapons
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:16:04 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(72): /mydrugs
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:16:08 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(72): /myweapon
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:16:09 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(72): /myweapons
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:16:13 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(72): /mypackage
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:16:15 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(72): /ehpackage
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:16:21 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(72): /myhouse
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:16:22 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(72): /house
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:16:26 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(72): /myhouses
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:16:31 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(72): /stats
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:16:34 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(72): /fon
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:26:11 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /myhouse
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:26:15 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /myhouse 2
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:26:22 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /myhouse 6
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:26:35 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /sellhouse
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:26:38 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /buyhouse
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:27:01 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /gates
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:27:05 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /gates
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:28:01 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /gates
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:28:03 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /v list
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:28:06 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /gates
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:28:08 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /v get 1
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:28:21 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /lock
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:28:26 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /vehpackage
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:28:28 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /vehdrugs
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:28:30 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /engine
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:28:31 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /lock
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:29:06 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /dealerjob
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:29:10 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /supplierjob
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:30:40 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /stats
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:30:42 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /v list
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:30:44 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /v get 2
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:30:46 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /pm 109 hi
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:30:49 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /pm 109 get on Steve
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:30:53 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /v get 2
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:31:03 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /pm 109 lol123
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:31:22 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /id 109
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:31:27 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /pm 109 going on him?
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:31:30 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /id Steven_N
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:31:36 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /admins
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:31:44 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /id Steven_N
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:31:47 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /id 109
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:32:13 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /id Steven_N
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:32:15 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /id 109
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:32:17 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /pm 109 Kev?
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:32:20 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /id 109
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:32:34 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /id Steven_N
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:32:46 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /id Steven_N
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:32:51 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /id Samuel_T
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:33:05 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /id Steven_N
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:33:09 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /pm 124 Where you spawn?
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:33:33 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /pm 124 You got 55K?
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:33:51 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /pm 124 on Samuel
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:34:06 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /pm 124 I'll sell you his house but u need the $$ for MP
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:34:10 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /pm 124 He has 21 tenants
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:34:41 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /pm 124 No, I need the freaking 55K
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:34:51 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /pm 124 If I give you the 55 I'm not kicking up for like a week lol
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:34:59 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /b in
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:35:05 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /lock
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:35:06 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /b in
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:35:07 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /b in
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:35:08 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /b unlock
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:35:09 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /b no
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:35:11 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /b it has 8 destroys
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:35:12 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /lock
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:35:18 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /b no insurance
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:35:21 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /v list
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:35:25 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /b I'll give you a Glendale
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:35:41 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /b I'm keeping Tahoma & Intruder
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:35:45 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /b You get Glendale & BMX
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:35:52 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /b L
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:35:54 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /b K
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:36:03 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /b wtf SHIT
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:36:07 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /ENGINE
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:36:09 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /B LOL SHIT
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:36:14 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /MYVEHICLES
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:36:17 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /V LIST
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:36:20 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /V TOW 1
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:36:22 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /EXITCAR
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:36:23 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /V TOW
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:36:27 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /V TOW
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:36:37 [Command debug] Keshawn_Jackson(135): /id Devin_Ryder
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:36:39 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /pm 124 it destroyed, oh well lol
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:36:45 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /pm 124 it was whack, no security, 8 destroys
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:36:51 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /pm 124 I'll give you the Glendale, wait here
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:36:53 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /v list
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:36:55 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /v get 1
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:37:01 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /pm 124 gonna /q so I respawn at house
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:37:02 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(59): /v get 1
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:38:02 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /lock
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:38:04 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /lock
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:38:06 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /v list
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:38:10 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /engine
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:38:12 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /lock
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:38:29 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /id Steven_N
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:38:31 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /pm 124 coming
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:39:53 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /pm 124 yo
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:39:56 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /pm 124 i see u
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:40:04 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /engine
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:40:05 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /exitcar
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:40:06 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b one sex
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:40:55 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /weapons
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:40:57 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /lock
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:41:00 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /engine
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:41:02 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /setcolor
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:41:03 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /engine
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:41:07 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /setcolor 6 6
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:41:12 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /pm 124 Mac10
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:42:11 [Command debug] Keshawn_Jackson(135): /id Devin_Ryder
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:42:12 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b Can you stop following us?
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:42:36 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /f Yo.
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:43:11 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /vehpackage
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:43:14 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /vehdrugs
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:43:18 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /v sell 124 0
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:43:21 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b dont buy
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:43:33 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /f Teaching a friend how to play.
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:43:38 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b Gonna buty it a parking space first
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:44:14 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /v buypark
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:44:16 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b Buy now
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:44:21 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /v list
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:44:26 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /admins
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:44:27 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b park it
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:44:33 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b gonna /q to get u the others
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:45:28 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /v list
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:45:31 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /v get 2
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:45:38 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /pm 124 I can't give you donator
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:45:45 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /pm 124 Steven isn't donator so he can't ride BMX
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:45:46 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /v get 2
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:45:50 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /carlock
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:45:55 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /vehpackage
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:45:56 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /vehdrugs
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:45:57 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /engine
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:45:58 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /lock
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:46:34 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /pm 124 rent at Ralph's house
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:46:52 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /ranks
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:46:54 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /rank
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:47:38 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /pm 124 If I give you the 55K for the house, I'm keeping the cars
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:48:02 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /pm 124 Felton Block
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:48:16 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /enter
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:48:22 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /exit
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:48:25 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /pm 124 So you don't want the house?
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:48:32 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /lock
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:48:37 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /lock
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:48:45 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /pm 124 k
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:49:52 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b Rented here
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:49:54 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b ?
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:49:58 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /v buypark
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:50:02 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /v sell 124 0
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:50:07 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /pm 124 kev
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:50:14 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /v sell 124 0
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:50:24 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b get int
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:50:29 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /pay 124 32900
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:50:31 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b that's my 32K
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:50:37 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b i'll give u the 55K now when I go with u to sell house
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:50:38 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /sellhouse
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:50:40 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /sellhouse
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:50:45 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b unlock car
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:50:46 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b ur owner
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:50:55 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b after I give money, v tow
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:52:10 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /pm 124 he had some $ in the bank
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:52:13 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /pm 124 all he got tho
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:52:14 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /stats
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:52:27 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b no?
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:52:30 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b I'm giving u the 55K
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:52:34 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b I'm giving u the 55K
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:52:39 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b You agreed to the 55K
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:52:45 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b I'm giving you the mac 10 too
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:52:56 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b nvm he doesn't have mac 10 anymore
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:53:04 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b no, I'll kick up the 10K ig to you
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:53:08 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b no, I'll kick up the 10K ig to you
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:53:13 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b 10
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:53:16 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b u only want 10
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:53:29 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b lol, right.
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:53:37 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b ur only getting 40 then
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:53:53 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b 15 is coming from your 55K
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:54:16 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b after this u sign off
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:54:24 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /b I'll give u the $$ to Sam
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:54:59 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /pm 124 tow
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:55:02 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /pm 124 get out and tow
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:55:11 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /pm 124 TOW
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:55:23 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /sellhouse
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:55:26 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /sellhouse
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:55:33 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /pay 124 55000
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:55:40 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /pay 124 54450
cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:55:46 [Command debug] Devin_Ryder(70): /pm 124 it took some tax from it :S

The Retard he was talking to and has the current stuff:
cmd_logs/cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:41:04 [Command debug] Steven_Notieri(124): /pm 70 Any apckages/drugs/guns?
cmd_logs/cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:41:19 [Command debug] Steven_Notieri(124): /pm 70 Let me have it
cmd_logs/cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:43:04 [Command debug] Steven_Notieri(124): /pm 70 /v sell
cmd_logs/cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:46:12 [Command debug] Steven_Notieri(124): /pm 70 dnt want
cmd_logs/cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:47:49 [Command debug] Steven_Notieri(124): /pm 70 k
cmd_logs/cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:47:55 [Command debug] Steven_Notieri(124): /pm 70 Where is house at?
cmd_logs/cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:48:13 [Command debug] Steven_Notieri(124): /pm 70 k just money
cmd_logs/cmd_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:25-Jan-2010 01:48:39 [Command debug] Steven_Notieri(124): /pm 70 I dont want house. money from it

Checking the IPs:
The "hacker" :

His friend that used his account for the stealing:
server_logs/server_log-28.Jan.2010.21-02-01.txt:[01:32:51] [join] Steven_Notieri has joined the server (124:

Who was on this guy's account at the time:
memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=22887 o_O

Moral of the story...

Be careful what you do with accounts.
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Re: So you've been hacked?

Post by Beerman » Mon Feb 15, 2010 12:47 pm

Morons can't keep an account to themselves. :roll:

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Re: So you've been hacked?

Post by Jordan » Mon Feb 15, 2010 1:24 pm

Reading those logs made me seriously disappointed. :/

I never give my password out to anyone, and never will.
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Re: So you've been hacked?

Post by Darren » Mon Feb 15, 2010 1:27 pm

Jordan_Enduro wrote:I never give my password out to anyone, and never will.

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Re: So you've been hacked?

Post by Funks » Mon Feb 15, 2010 2:42 pm

I just misspelt it , hacked and scammed didn't seem to be a big difference for me , but my FORUM account got scammed or however you call it , not ig , whats the point of THAT?
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Re: So you've been hacked?

Post by Stian » Mon Feb 15, 2010 3:26 pm

:| - To be honest, those logs are pretty sad. Seing how people don't know that they WILL be found, and WILL be banned.
Anaway, my passwords are different on everything, so yeah, it's all good.
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Re: So you've been hacked?

Post by Adam » Mon Feb 15, 2010 4:24 pm

Do people seriously set up phishing sites for LSRP? If anything's sad, that's it. :?
And for people who don't want to be hacked, don't warez and don't fall for phishers. Doublechecking the links is usually enough, it's not like anyone's able to edit your hostfiles or anything.

Edit: I guess that guy isn't kicking up for forever. :lol:
Mike Carfano

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Re: So you've been hacked?

Post by iSkylla » Mon Feb 15, 2010 4:43 pm

Been Hacked? PEBKAC.
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Re: So you've been hacked?

Post by Gabriel Mario » Mon Feb 15, 2010 5:35 pm

I always try make my password difficult.I never gave my password out and yeh i have different passwords for different servers and sites which i have saved in my note book. :)
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Re: So you've been hacked?

Post by Thuggy » Mon Feb 15, 2010 5:45 pm

To steal virtual money and virtual things from a fellow community member is just sad, if anything. :|
500 :twisted:

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Re: So you've been hacked?

Post by Grandma » Mon Feb 15, 2010 6:02 pm

What a bunch of dick's.
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Re: So you've been hacked?

Post by Calidori » Mon Feb 15, 2010 6:25 pm

Like what someone else said before, reading those logs is really sad. Funny thing about it, though, I have that guy on my MSN and we talk regularly. Looks like I got a new guy to block. :roll:

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Re: So you've been hacked?

Post by Cores » Mon Feb 15, 2010 7:03 pm

People should learn about sharing accounts and how to deal with accounts, also to Hackers: Fuckk Off, seriously.
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Re: So you've been hacked?

Post by RadioKilla » Mon Feb 15, 2010 7:26 pm

Wow...this is sad, Devin is a ragged member of Uptown 424, and one of the people that helped hack him, is an outsider that just was Ck'd about two days ago.. and Devin told us on /f, he never gave out his password, but he did a very easy password...Not sure about the whole story though.. its real sad.

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Re: So you've been hacked?

Post by Schleich » Mon Feb 15, 2010 7:41 pm

Well, that's a shame. I guess those two didn't enjoy what they woke up to this morning.
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