Marc "Big Mac" Vela

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Marc "Big Mac" Vela

Post by space ghost » Sun Nov 13, 2011 10:32 am

Name: Marc "Big Mac" Vela
Age: 19
Vehicles: Buffalo and a towtruck.
Weapon of choice: Glock .17
Likes: Rapping, robbing, EATING, and getting high.
Dislikes: Cops, kids, and skinny people.
Favorite food: Bic Mac from McDonalds
Favorite drink: Grape faygo
Built: HUGE
Height: 6''2
Weight: 510 lbs
Eye color: Brown.
Hair color: Black.
Clothing: Black Hoodie | Black Chicago Fitted Cap | Baggy Jeans | Black Chuck Taylor Shoes
Character background:
Chapter One - Dysfunctional
Marc was born on the streets of Chicago, on 95th Street with the 95th Street Black Gangster Disciples. His father left him as a child and his mother just over-fed him and beat him sometimes. He would always see his parents fight, but one day it got intense, his mother took a knife out of the kitchen and tried to kill his father. His father pressed charges against her and after the court case was over, it was clear that neither of his parents were fit to raise him, so he was sent to a foster home.

Chapter Two - Chicago Streets

Getting bullied by kids at school and at the foster home, he started to slowly get sick of the disrespects. He then attacked one of his peers in class and shoved a pencil into his eye. He was then sent to juvenile detention for a few months. When he got out, he started hanging with some of the gang members in his old neighborhood. He ditched school and met a guy in the gang named Roy, "Rockstar" Reynolds, Raekwon "Grim" Davis and Alex "Maniac" Vela. Roy was known for his rapping skills and Marc had a few skills as well. Him and Roy started getting hype in the area. Him and Roy would perform shows on the streets to make money. They then took it to the next level. Roy and Marc were given a variety of narcotics to deal on the streets and they made a large profit from it. He learned how the game worked and became hooked on it, but little did he know that it would soon come to an end. One day, a set of rival bloods shot up the neighborhood, killing at least half of the friends he once knew in the set. Marc and Roy were deeply effected by this incident, they didn't have too much money. However, Roy started getting his hopes up with his rhymes and was noticed by a record label in Los Santos. The label said he would be given a place to stay and he could bring one of his friends with him if he liked. So, he chose Marc and they flew to Los Santos.

Chapter Three - Los Santos
Marc was introduced to the label but they didn't like his skills nearly as much as Roy's. Roy had all of the skills, he could rap on any beat, any day, any time and add a nice flow and amazing rhymes to it. Marc and Roy were driving back to Roy's house after recording in the label's studio and they noticed a few men who appeared to be wearing red beside their house. When they approached them, they started making fun of Marc and Roy, giving him several disrespects. Roy then punched one of them in the face, and they swore they would come back to avenge them. When they came back the next day, they found the apartment burning. When Roy told the label about the incident, they told him they would have to drop him because they invested their money into that place. So, Roy and Marc were homeless from there on. One day, Marc and Roy were walking to the 24/7 when they heard a car screech in the distance as they entered the 24/7. Two men came out with shotguns in their hands, entering the store. Marc and Roy were behind the isles, hiding from them. Roy was on the side closest to them. Roy slowly crept up behind one of the men and choked him. The other one shot him. It was a clear suicide. The men then ran out of the store and Marc ran to Roy's body. Where would Marc go? Just about everyone he had once knew is either dead or doesn't want to talk to him. He crept the streets of Los Santos for a while looking to start a new life when he came across a small green metal plate on a pole on the corner of a street saying, "Grove Street".
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