COMMUNITY RELEASE #JPR-04 - FaceInvader & Illegal Activity

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COMMUNITY RELEASE #JPR-04 - FaceInvader & Illegal Activity

Post by Imperium » Mon Jul 03, 2017 11:59 pm



Release Date: 03/JUL/2017
Written by Patrick Jane Eastwood
Community Affairs Release #JPR-04

Faceinvader was released as any other social network, with the purpose of providing a place to meet new people, show daily activity and chat with friends. However, a website mainly governed by users can sometimes overtake the limits of legality and public decency. Those who are misusing the social network to display or carry out illegal activities (heavy & illegal weaponry, murder, robbery, threats, etc...) should be aware that is not condoned, nor will it be. For that reason, the Department of Justice advises alongside Law Enforcement Agencies that every legislation will be enforced when any kind of criminal activity is detected on the social network. Remember that everything uploaded on the Internet that demonstrates an illegal conduct taking place will be investigated and charges will be brought by the State against the wrongdoer.

No infraction will remain unpunished given that the publication of pictures depicting illegal activities eases the work of the Department of Justice and Law Enforcement Agencies providing probable cause and some form of evidence (we should make clear that we're referring to posting images of illegal conduct and boasting about it, appearing with illegal substances such as cocaine, weed, etc, or illegal weaponry, like assault rifles, for example). That way, your social networking activity can drive yourself to having a search warrant on your properties and yourself in order to further investigate the matter of which the evidence should be subject.

People who promote crime on the Internet and social networks will be object of investigations which may result in very heavy fines (up to $150,000 per criminal charge). We want to also make people aware that cyber crime isn't allowed and it's also punished by Law. This means that public decency, threats and intimidation on other citizens and things like hacking or extortioning will be strictly reviewed and thoroughly investigated in order to make a case against said criminal.

Approved for release on this 3rd day of JULY, 2017, by
Deputy Attorney General Sophie Thyne
Office of the Attorney General
San Andreas Department of Justice
The following publication has been released and approved by the Community Affairs Division. The information contained within this news release was accurate at the time of publication. Any concerns, questions or complaints in regards to said publication should be forwarded to Deputy Attorney General Sophie Thyne.

Attorney General Sophie Thyne
San Andreas Department of Justice
26 June 2016 — 26 November 2017

Director of Welfare Gerald Caldwell
State of San Andreas
22 February 2018 — PRESENT

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