[Improvement/Guide] Truckers & Truck Mechanics.

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Flynn Marshall
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[Improvement/Guide] Truckers & Truck Mechanics.

Post by Flynn Marshall » Thu Jan 18, 2018 8:58 pm

Hello everyone, my name is Flynn Marshall and I'd work as truck driver for NVO Transport in The Netherlands.
I've been playing on this server for several months and noticed that a lot of truckers and truck-mechanics don't know anything about trucks.
Therefore I've decided to make a tutorial for those who wish to improve their knowledge about it, and thereby roleplay the situation better.
Below here you'll find a couple of details about trucks that could help truckers in multiple situations, and some information for truck-mechanics.
Please be informed that this guide is be made for those who are willing to improve their truck related roleplay, not to force you into anything.
I'd wish the best of luck to these who read this guide to get specified in truck related roleplay and/or just want to become a wiseacre.

What is an truck:
An truck is an vehicle made in order to transport cargo from location "A" to location "B" over long distances of road.
In most cases we are talking about an "articulated lorry" when saying "truck" this is an truck with an trailer attached on it.
Roadtrain's, Linerunner's and Petrol-Truck's are articulated lorries whithin Los Santos Roleplay, we do also have "Box-Trucks" in SAMP.
Examples of box-trucks are Yankees and Mules. Either we do have "Low-Bed-Trucks" in this server those are Flatbed's, Barracks and DFT-30's.
Further we have the "Trashmaster's, Towtruck's, Packer's and Cement-Trucks which are load-specified trucks in Los Santos Roleplay.

How to realistic drive a truck:
This doesn't sound very hard to do, however in case of realism it takes a bid more knowledge as you should think.
To IC'ly driving away with an truck you should have to release the parking-brake, which is made to avoid the truck rolling away.
In order to release the parking-brake you should need to know that the truck brake-system works on air-presure build by the engine.
So in order to release the parking-brake you should have to make keep engine running for a while in order to be able to even drive away.
A truck has 5 brakes in it, from these there are 3 working on air-presure, which are the main-brake, parking-brake and an emergency-brake.
The other brakes are the engine-brake and the retarder, those must be used when driving off a steep hill, to avoid overheating the main brakes.
The retarder uses oil-presure in order to slow down the truck, the engine-brake uses a valve in the exhaust which holds up the exhaust gases.
When using the engine-brake you should make sure that you'd have a high rPM in order to make it slow down your truck by holding gases.
The emergency-brake is used in case the air-presure system of the brakes falls off, when that happends the other brakes lose their powers.
The main brake is used when stopping for situations like a red light, however its also advised to use the retarder or engine brake there.
Thereby you'll still need the main-brake for a full stop, since the engine-brake and retarder won't be able to bring you to a full stop.

Either the trailer has a brake in it, this brake avoids that trailer passes the truck in case of an emergency brake or heavy braking.
It gets connected with the truck with an cable, this cable either lets the trailer brake a bid earlier than the truck to improve the effect.

Regular inspections:
Away from the fact that a lot of truckers don't do this inspections in real life.
It might be good to know which inspections you could roleplay before driving away.
In the first 20 seconds of this video you could see me roleplaying some inspections before I drive away.
Further you could have a view at the tire tread and air-presure of the tires.
And it would always be good to look for leaking oil or other leaking substances.

Additional driving components:
An truck has a lot of functions to improve the handling of it.
In this section I'd list them up with a discription since that would be more simple to read:
- Anti-Slip Controll: Avoids the wheels slipping when driving on unpaved ground.
- Anti-Blocking system: Avoids getting in a slide when you are fully using the brakes.
- Graffity-Control: Avoids your truck flipping over when heavy steering.

This does basically every truck have, however there are multiple of other functions nowdays for newer trucks.
If you wish to know more about these newer functions in order to use them in your roleplay, you could search for it on internet.
Also it would be good to know that a truck locks the passenger door automaticly, which means that you should always need to unlock it.

Mechanic information:
When you are going to fix anything on the brake-system you should ask the driver to turn the engine off and wait a while.
This is in order to get the high air-presure off the braking system, either it would be good to stuck the engine-part which is being replaced.
You should have to stuck it in order to avoid going to hit your face when you detach it while the air-presure isn't completely gone yet.
Thereby it would be good to know that if you detach anything with the engine on or without waiting this air-presure could kill you.
In case there are problems with the retarder you should make sure that the presure is gone from the oil, either this is very heavy.
Either you should know that the oil can be hot if you have been driving the truck a long time before bringing it to the garage.
In case of problems with the engine-brake, just take care of the heat, there is not a lot presure-danger in the engine-brakes.

About replacing wheels, make sure to clamp the truck with something when replacing the wheels on the back.
The truck could roll away since the truck brakes with the wheels with the back-wheels in most cases.

Additional notes:
I'd hope this small tutorial with basic knowledge about trucks for truckers and truck mechanics did help you in any case.
When you are knowing a lot about trucks, being a trucker or truck-mechanic and see a mistake in this tutorial, feel free to PM me for a edit.
Thereby make sure that I'm just a human and just a truck-driver, I don't know everything but just know above-average about trucks.
In case you have a question that isn't answered in this tutorial, feel free to PM me too, I'm glad to be able to help with it.

Best of luck with including this information in your roleplay, might see you around!..

Lil Victor
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Re: [Improvement/Guide] Truckers & Truck Mechanics.

Post by Lil Victor » Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:10 am

nice guide
Terry Hizkia
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