PSA — Driving Etiquette

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PSA — Driving Etiquette

Post by Surreal » Fri Jan 19, 2018 5:36 am



This is a notice to address driving standards on the server, and the roleplay that surrounds how you drive your vehicle. Despite how you drive being considered in-character, people still drive extremely recklessly to get from point A to point B, or even when just cruising around. There is an unrealistic sense of urgency and a lack of regard for the individual's own safety or that of other road users. This often results in people driving around in a non-rp fashion which causes them to repeatedly crash into other vehicles and, in almost all cases, ask to "skip" the crash OOCly.

Car crashes: It is a common occurrence for two people to crash into each other (when one vehicle, or both vehicles, are driving recklessly) and then ask to mutually skip the car crash OOCly and continue on their way. When this happens so often, it is completely unacceptable — role-play shouldn't be voided between two players on a frequent basis or as a regular activity. People should drive in a way that makes them avoid crashing into each other if they have no intention of role-playing car crashes or the consequences of their reckless driving. People should generally value their own life and property, and would not drive around in a way that tempts a car crash every time they make a turn with their vehicle. When people are constantly colliding, this detracts from the server atmosphere and can be a frustrating experience for players that are trying to drive more sensibly — especially when the player who causes the car crash just wants to skip it. Ideally, we wouldn't want to make car crash role-play mandatory, but if the problem with driving standards persists then we may have to review that as a potential solution.

Non-roleplay jumps: This is another common occurrence, especially by people in police pursuits. Driving recklessly whilst trying to evade police is obviously more understandable, but taking huge jumps (e.g. off bridges into the sewers, or off large cliffs) is unrealistic and would likely result in your death or your vehicle being completely destroyed. These are not immersive activities, and should be avoided. Again, think about the risks involved in performing such an act in real life, and what it could mean for you or your vehicle. It is worth noting that the Police Department and Sheriff's Department no longer perform these jumps to match suspects and keep pursuing a vehicle. If players continue to take non-rp jumps, particularly in pursuits to evade Police or other players, admins may take a zero-tolerance approach on this when it isn't a mistake.

Resolving issues with driving standards can be incredibly simple. Stopping at turns to briefly check traffic both ways before pulling out would reduce car crashes tenfold. If you want to drive recklessly, but also role-play the consequences of driving recklessly (such as crashing your vehicle into another player or perhaps being arrested or charged by the police for your driving) then by all means, go ahead. This is primarily aimed at players who drive recklessly but try to dodge the consequences in /b. This a role-play server, so the point needs to be addressed.

If a road is closed by police, that doesn't mean that people should erratically mount the sidewalk and blast through the situation. It interrupts people trying to role-play and damages the role-play atmosphere of the scene. This is seemingly done by impatient people, or those who don't seem to realise that the sidewalk is not OK to drive on. Please refrain from doing this as a casual activity as it may result in admin action.

Also, a brief comment in relation to the custom license plate feature on the server:

Custom Plates: It has also been noted that some people abuse the "custom license plate" feature provided by donating to the server. License plates should be kept realistic, sensible and be treated like DMV-approved custom plates, just like in real life. Insults, weird characters or symbols, inappropriate comments or imitating Law Enforcement or other agencies etc are not an acceptable use of this server function. Please ensure you use this feature sensibly and within the rules. Admins may approach you to change your vehicle plate if it is not appropriate.

Thank you,


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