San Andreas Penal Code 2018 [ACTIVE]

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San Andreas Penal Code 2018 [ACTIVE]

Post by Surreal » Tue Jan 23, 2018 8:12 am



As promised, the San Andreas Penal Code has been updated for 2018. Government Management and I went through the old penal code (2016 version) and made additions, removals and a tremendous amount of changes to existing entries. Some charges were consolidated or re-written for clarification, and some charges were re-defined to ensure there is no confusion in what justifies the charge being placed against an individual.

One of the most notable edits is that "Eluding a Peace Officer" charge has been changed back to "Evading a Peace Officer" and the sub-clauses have been split into individual charges to avoid confusion — High Performance Vehicle, Oversized Vehicle, Naval Vessel and so on. The age of consent has been upped to 18 years of age, and the age to drive has been defined as 16 years of age. More information on the charges it effects.

Please familiarise yourself with the changes, because this San Andreas Penal Code 2018 will be in effect 30/JAN/2018 onwards.

Here is a link to the current (soon to be out-dated) penal code: The San Andreas Penal Code of 2016.

Here is a link to the new penal code which comes into effect on the 30th of January: The San Andreas Penal Code of 2018.

If you spot any inconsistencies or mistakes, feel free to drop me a forum message and I'll amend them as soon as possible.

Here is the full list of edits, but you can also compare the 2016 version to the 2018 version yourself as both are available:
(14)06. Jan. 22 2018
  1. Penal Code 2018 update. (( Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback. ))
  4. (1)01. Intimidation — re-written for clarification, consolidated.
  5. (1)06. Aggravated Battery — inclusion of weapon clause, maximum time increased to 240 mins.
  6. (1)13. Vehicular Murder — point 1 re-written for clarification.
  7. (2)02. Trespassing — clarified ownership of trailer parks/caravans in "NOTES".
  8. (2)03. Trespassing within a Restricted Zone — re-written, zones defined, changed to misdemeanor of 30-50 mins.
  9. (2)04. Burglary — addition of crime not being stackable with (2)02. Trespassing.
  10. (2)05. Possession Of Burglary Tools — re-written for clarification, items defined.
  11. (2)07. Armed Robbery — number 2 edited to not be stackable with (2)06. Robbery.
  12. (3)03. Prostitution — re-written and re-defined for clarification, lowered from 90-150 minutes to 60-120 minutes.
  13. Addition of (3)04. Solicitation of Prostitution — standalone charge for those who pay for prostitution services.
  14. (3)05. Pandering / Pimping — punishment raised from 60-120 minutes to 90-180 minutes.
  15. (3)08. Statutory Rape — age of consent for San Andreas changed to 18.
  16. (4)02. Failure To Pay A Fine — note about warrants re-written to include Sergeant or above.
  17. (4)03. Contempt of Court*** — removal of officer discretion on this charge.
  18. (4)13. Escape From Custody — (( note about administrators issuing this charge added. ))
  19. (4)17. Misuse Of A Government Hotline — changed to a misdemeanor punishable by 10-20 minutes.
  20. Addition of (4)24. Contempt of Senate*** — contempt charge for State Senate hearings.
  21. (5)05. Terrorism*** — moved from TITLE 6 to TITLE 5 (Crimes against Public Peace).
  22. (6)04. Maintaining A Place For The Purpose Of Distribution — changed to be a felony charge.
  23. (6)08. Public Intoxication — re-written for clarification.
  24. (6)12. Possession of Marijuana — re-written for clarification.
  25. Addition of (7)05. Possession Of Child Pornography — a felony punishable by 180 minutes.
  26. Note, again: age of consent for San Andreas changed to 18.
  27. (8)01. Driving With A Suspended License — re-written for clarification.
  28. (8)02. Eluding A Peace Officer — changed back to (8)02. EVADING A Peace Officer.
  29. Addition of (8)03. Evading A Peace Officer — High Performance Vehicle — split from sub-clause of (8)03.
  30. (8)03. Evading A Peace Officer — High Performance Vehicle — FCR-900 added to High Performance list.
  31. Addition of (8)04. Evading A Peace Officer — Oversized Vehicle — split from sub-clause of (8)03.
  32. (8)04. Evading A Peace Officer — Oversized Vehicle — Combine added to Oversized Vehicle list.
  33. Addition of (8)05. Evading A Peace Officer — Naval Vessel — split from sub-clause of (8)03.
  34. Addition of (8)06. Evading A Peace Officer — Aircraft — split from sub-clause of (8)03.
  35. Rest of title entries re-numbered to suit the above additions.
  36. (8)08. Hit And Run — point 2 added to define what must be done during a vehicle accident.
  37. (8)09. Reckless Operation Of An Aircraft — changed to a felony of 90 minutes.
  38. (9)01. Possession Of An Illegal Blade — moved point 2 to NOTES.
  39. (9)02. Possession Of An Unlicensed Firearm — maximum time increased by 5 minutes.
  40. (9)03. Possession Of An Illegal Firearm — moved point 3 to NOTES.
  41. (9)04. Possession Of An Assault Weapon — moved point 2 to NOTES.
  42. (9)05. Unlicensed Sale Of A Firearm changed to (9)05. Unlicensed Distribution Of A Weapon.
  43. (9)07. Manufacture or Possession of an Improvised Device — specifically included "blade" for prison scenarios.
  44. (9)13. CCW / PF Violation — re-written for clarification, license revocation only.
  45. (10)06. Three-strikes Vehicle Policy — re-written and re-defined, maximum 48 hour suspension and 7 day revocation.
  46. (10)07. Weapons Violation — removed, redundant entry.
  47. Rest of title entries re-numbered to suit the above removal.
  48. (11)01. Speeding Violation — re-written with focus on MPH, KMH added to brackets.
  49. (11)11. Driving Under The Influence (DUI) — removed clause about government employees, redundant (due to govt. cooperation act).
  50. (11)15. Driving without a Valid License — minimum age to drive in San Andreas defined as 16. (( See OOC NOTES about /licenses. ))
  51. (11)18. Tinted Windows — re-written and re-defined.
  52. Addition of (11)20. Fire Hydrant Parking Restriction — infraction of $5,000 and vehicle impoundment.
  53. (12)08. Suspicion Policy — maximum detainment of a suspect changed from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.
  54. (12)17. Repeat Offender Clause — re-written and re-defined, especially parties who may issue the clause.
  55. Addition of permanent vehicle seizure to (12)17. Repeat Offender Clause with judge's order.
  56. Rest of title entries re-numbered to suit prior removal of (13)01. as an entry.
  57. (13)03. Gambling License Violation — re-written and new definition added.
  58. (( Acknowledgements to Government Management members for assisting in the Penal Code 2018 update: Wildcat, Gibbz, Keane., Torilla, Marauder, Iudex., Paddy, MoralesLSRP, Flemwad, Elvira, Cantbehudson, Fenato, Superb. ))
The new penal code is available in-character as of today (for those that wish to role-play knowledge), and would be distributed as such.

Many thanks,

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Re: San Andreas Penal Code 2018

Post by Surreal » Tue Jan 30, 2018 7:35 am

This Penal Code is now active and has been implemented on the Police MDC in-game.

If you encounter any issues or mistakes, please notify me by private message.


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