Version 10.6.9 — 13 May 2018/14 May 2018

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Version 10.6.9 — 13 May 2018/14 May 2018

Post by otter » Sat May 12, 2018 4:52 pm



Long time no see! Unfortunately, I have found myself tied up (again) with obligations outside of LS:RP and have had a hectic couple of months with work and other bits piling up. The good news is that I'm back to a saner schedule now and have allocated specific times throughout the week that I will dedicate to further server development. I have a few works in progress right now including some fresh implementations for the drug system (namely "drug factories", but an evolved version of them - hot clue: they're not going to be called drug factories), a revision to the animation system and I'm also looking at making some changes to weapon damage values - a thread will be coming soon for discussion around this subject!

This revision primarily consists of general quality of life updates but I have made some revisions to commonly used features. Aside from that, some additional skins have been added (and yes - they'll be put up on the UCP, I'm liaising with Mmartin on this front). I'll be going over some more outstanding suggestions & bug reports for 10.6.10 so if you have any ideas — throw 'em up.

These are the most significant changes in Version 10.6.9:

New Handcuff System

In an effort to encourage more realistic behaviour surrounding the use of handcuffs, several changes have been made which I hope will improve the player experience for all parties involved.

Police Officers and Correctional Officer no longer have an unlimited number of handcuffs to work with. By default, they have two sets of handcuffs but are able to share their own with others. As an example, this eliminates situations in which officers can handcuff a large group of people on their own without sharing resources; this should encourage more roleplay and in-character communication. Handcuffs can also be shared with those outside of law enforcement factions, however, civilians can only unhandcuff players that they have restrained themselves.

Tactical teams are exempt from these limitations on the basis that they use zip-ties ICly as opposed to regular handcuffs.

Another significant change is that players no longer have to be in a specific animation to be restrained. Instead, the process relies on nobody moving for five seconds whilst the restraining is taking place. After five seconds, if there has been no movement from either party - the attempt will be deemed a success. This will aid the fluidity of roleplay interactions and minimize the need for out-of-character communication, such as requests to crouch so that you can be detained.

New Commands:
  • /phc (/passhandcuffs)
  • /mhc (/myhandcuffs)
  • /hc (/handcuff)
  • /uhc (/unhandcuff)
Restriction of /rubberbullets and introduction of beanbag shotguns

The /rubberbullets command has now been restricted to the San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (SADCR). Police factions only use this command for the purpose of emulating a beanbag shotgun whereas SADCR have a much wider use-case for it. Before, there was no script distinction between a real shotgun and a "beanbag shotgun" (police would just have to use /rubberbullets to enable the less-lethal rounds). This opened a window for abuse as an officer could theoretically switch between lethal and less-lethal rounds on the fly without any real roleplay and would also have an abundance of ammunition. Whilst this has always been against the rules, eliminating that risk is always a better solution.

Police can now use /takegun 10 to take a beanbag shotgun from their patrol cars. In reality, this is still just a shotgun but several limitations have been imposed on it. The gun will only have 10 bullets and the /rubberbullets effect no longer has to be toggled on/off for it to function. Every other weapon that a player is carrying will operate normally and do damage to the victim.

Fist vs Armour

One common gripe that players have had with the combat system on this server is that fists inflict damage to armour instead of solely affecting the health of another player. This is not logical as it is safe to presume that whatever armour a player is wearing from an in-character perspective would not shield them from punches to the face. As of Version 10.6.9 this will no longer be the case and armour will be ignored against fist and brass-knuckle attacks. Additionally, brass-knuckles will now have the damage bonus that they deserve (+15HP) and should give players more of a reason to use them.

Change to /tackle

A couple of revisions ago, I introduced the /tackle command to the server on an experimental basis. I wanted to see how often it would be used and whether it served as a good accessory to roleplay. Since then, it has become the primary method of apprehension for law enforcement on the server and has also had some great applications within the criminal role-play circle too. There are some issues, though.

Firstly, people still manage to miss the notification sometimes and a lot of unnecessary fuss is generated. Secondly, the flow just seems a bit weird to me. You can tackle someone, but there's this awkward intermission whilst everyone processes what's going on and properly reacts to it. I wanted to address these issues so I have decided to go ahead with something I was holding off on at first.

/tackle will now force the /frontfall animation on the recipient. For those that feel this will unfairly benefit police on the server, consider this: would you rather a law enforcement officer taze you and force an animation on to you from range, or would you rather have a fair and more realistic chance to make an escape on foot? This should eliminate the issues I mentioned above, but it does bring another potential problem with it... this is still a public command.

I have always felt that limiting script features for the greater community because a few bad apples might abuse them isn't a great attitude to have. I understand why such decisions have been made in the past, but this time I'm going to give everybody a chance to use this sensibly. There will inevitably be some trolls that try to ruin the fun for everyone else, but let me make this clear. If you try and ruin this for everybody else by deliberately using this command with malicious intentions, you will be banned from the server.

If you don't want to get in trouble, don't do any of the following:
  • Tackling other players for the sake of it, and generally being a troll with the command.
  • Using the command to tackle another player, only to leap back up on to your feet and murder them with little-to-no roleplay.
  • Repeatedly tackling players in a fight and not role-playing anything else afterwards.
Exercise common sense when using the command. Law enforcement factions have a clear-cut case in which its use is appropriate. As a criminal/civilian, don't use it every time you get into an interaction with another player just to get the one-up on them. If it turns out that this isn't working out and that those outside of legal factions (that have a strong enforcement of regulations) are unable to use it sensibly, then I will have to take measures to restrict the forcing of animations for everyone else.

Duplicate Keys

As of this revision, you will be able to give another player a set of keys for your vehicle without being anywhere near it. The car does, of course, have to be spawned but aside from that - there are no restrictions on when it can be used other than having to be close to the target player. This should be a very beneficial adjustment that allows roleplay to flow more naturally. In addition to this, the duplication fee has also been removed.

Full Changelog

Version 10.6.9 will be released at some point over the next two days and no later than Monday night.

Code: Select all

[+] A selection of skins for the Los Santos Police Department.
[+] A selection of civilian skins that were listed in 10.6.8 but not added yet.
[+] New handcuff system (and limitations) for police officers and correctional officers.
[+] Standalone rubber bullet shotguns (not /rubberbullets) for Law Enforcement vehicles.

[~] /rubberbullets is now restricted to SADCR. LEO factions can now /takegun a beanbag shotgun with 10 bullets from the patrol cars instead without the need to peform any additional commands.
[~] Players no longer lose armour when attacked by fists, only HP is effected.
[~] Brassknuckles now do damage (-15HP) as intended.
[~] An animation is now forced when players are tackled.
[~] On duty police officers can use /check in a vehicle without the engine being on.
[~] You can now use /v duplicatekey outside of a vehicle.
[~] Players can now unpackage knives regardless of their location.
[~] Added /kickfromradio to /radiohelp.
[~] SADCR & SAGOV can now use roadblocks.

[/] Fixed a typo in the hotwire emote.
[/] Replaced references to the SASD in APBs.
[/] You can no longer use /rlow on a frequency that you have toggled.
[/] Corrected the object ID for the walkie talkie in /furniture.
[/] Weapon package strings now loop from 0.

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Re: Version 10.6.9 — 13 May 2018/14 May 2018

Post by Kemp » Sat May 12, 2018 4:53 pm

Awesome update. Great work!

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Re: Version 10.6.9 — 13 May 2018/14 May 2018

Post by chinese food » Sat May 12, 2018 4:53 pm

finally people can see me with blac swat

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Re: Version 10.6.9 — 13 May 2018/14 May 2018

Post by Psycho2 » Sat May 12, 2018 4:53 pm

Great work, welcome back otter!

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Re: Version 10.6.9 — 13 May 2018/14 May 2018

Post by Cookiro » Sat May 12, 2018 4:54 pm

good shit dude

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Re: Version 10.6.9 — 13 May 2018/14 May 2018

Post by Brace » Sat May 12, 2018 4:55 pm


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Re: Version 10.6.9 — 13 May 2018/14 May 2018

Post by Fractilla » Sat May 12, 2018 5:01 pm

Great work, otter.

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Re: Version 10.6.9 — 13 May 2018/14 May 2018

Post by Charlot the Acrobat » Sat May 12, 2018 5:02 pm

I love this.

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Re: Version 10.6.9 — 13 May 2018/14 May 2018

Post by Cantbehudson » Sat May 12, 2018 5:03 pm

Everything is on spot. I am only doubting this tackle system. I don't like how it guarantees success without considering characters and any role-play.

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Re: Version 10.6.9 — 13 May 2018/14 May 2018

Post by Dills » Sat May 12, 2018 5:03 pm

I love the idea of being able to pass handcuffs to people who are outside of law enforcement. It creates room for creativity now, and I like that that stuff is being limited to emphasize communication and role-play more. Nice job.

Same as Hudson said though, I'm a little worried about the tackle command, but I reckon the severity of the punishment will deter people from doing it.
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Re: Version 10.6.9 — 13 May 2018/14 May 2018

Post by Charizard » Sat May 12, 2018 5:03 pm

Every update I'm the most excited for the skins, can't wait!

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Re: Version 10.6.9 — 13 May 2018/14 May 2018

Post by otter » Sat May 12, 2018 5:04 pm

Cantbehudson wrote:
Sat May 12, 2018 5:03 pm
Everything is on spot. I am only doubting this tackle system. I don't like how it guarantees success without considering characters and any role-play.
I understand that concern, but nothing stops roleplay from happening after the fact if you want to dispute it from an RP perspective. If anything, this guarantees that such RP is able to occur and that the tackle isn't just ignored.

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Re: Version 10.6.9 — 13 May 2018/14 May 2018

Post by DadoJ » Sat May 12, 2018 5:07 pm

This is such a refreshing update. Huge props, and it will definitely provide more roleplay. :)

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Re: Version 10.6.9 — 13 May 2018/14 May 2018

Post by Nutsbuster » Sat May 12, 2018 5:08 pm


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Re: Version 10.6.9 — 13 May 2018/14 May 2018

Post by Infalala » Sat May 12, 2018 5:18 pm

great work

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