Company System Applications:

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Company System Applications:

Post by Surreal » Thu Dec 20, 2018 10:58 am

Hey everyone,

As of the 10.9.0 revision, the company system has been introduced to the server. In short, this system allows for players to group together as a "company" and establish an in-game structure and utilise various perks. It's like a "lite" version of the faction system. Companies will not be considered on par with official factions, and instead will be available to players that just want to organise their business affairs in-game.

The "Feature Documentation" entry can be found here:

For example, a "company" in-game would be able to:
  • Allow company owners to invite/hire players and assign them customised ranks in their company
  • Establish an in-game online list with assigned ranks to show which company employees are online
  • Set up static (permanent) vehicles at their company property, accessible by company employees
  • Provide company employees with the ability to swap into skins assigned to their company (soon)
  • Provide company employees with lock/unlock access to any company marked properties
  • Depending on the company, provide employees with access to the following commands:
    • /operation
    • /heal (paramedic, soon)
    • /impound (soon)
    • /roadblock
    • /createscene
    • /givespray
    • /carsign
    • /megaphone
    • /uniform (soon)

In an effort to help players with business ideas who are strapped for cash, the State Government is offering a small business grant (SBG) in the event that you would like to create static vehicles for your company use and operate. An example of this could be: a player starting their own taxi company and wanting 3-4 taxi vehicles parked at their headquarters for their drivers to use, or a player starting a trucking company and wanting to provide their employees with trucks, or a company winning a paramedic contract and wanting to set up ambulances for employees. When your application is approved, these vehicles will be provided free-of-charge and set up for you when your company is established in-game.

Rather than over-complicate the situation with a long-winded process that wouldn't be enjoyable or necessarily immersive, I figured an incredibly simple application process followed by acceptance/denial and, if accepted, your company being set up, was the best route to take. This will allow players to rapidly deploy their company and start enjoying their role-play, instead of wasting time trying to get started up. If you choose to utilise static vehicles and the Government's small business grant, it is implied that you should role-play the grant as the source of your vehicles.

Note: you may still need to register your company with the Government here: That would be considered the in-character portion of creating a company. This announcement and application is for the company script in-game.

A player can be in both a faction and a company. Any company should be a legitimate in-character company or front. Any static vehicles assigned to a company are not to be used to deliberately commit public crime(s), or to engage in vehicle pursuits with Law Enforcement Officers. Any company vehicles that are used utilise a plate system that showcases an abbreviation of the company name, due to the static vehicle script.

If you intend to start a company or already run a company and would like to utilise this script, please fill this out:

Code: Select all

[b]Company Name:[/b] (The official name of your company, on paper)
[b]Type of Company:[/b] (What your company does, and the services that it offers, if relevant)

[b]Company Owner:[/b] (The name of the player who will "own" the company)
[b]Company Members:[/b] (A list of any of the members already working for the company)

[b]Do you have a house or business you already use for your company?[/b] (Yes/No)
[b]If yes, please provide the location of your property:[/b] (Image, prop/biz ID or co-ordinates)

[b]Will your business require static vehicles?[/b] (Yes/No)
[b]If yes, please provide details of the required vehicles and how many:[/b] (Car models, how many, etc)

[b]Will your business require any of the special commands?[/b] (Yes/No)
[b]If yes, which commands and why?[/b] (List any relevant commands from the announcement, and why they're needed)
And send me a private message with the title: COMPANY SYSTEM — Company Name

I will eventually establish a more formal process for the long-term for setting up companies, but this will do to get us started ASAP.

Thanks! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

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Re: Company System Applications:

Post by Surreal » Tue Jan 01, 2019 6:26 am

For reference: once you submit an application, they are documented and reviewed for approval/denial.

This process may take a few days at the very least. We've received ~33 company applications since December 20.

Please do not re-send your application or worry about if it was received. Each one has been received.


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