Faction Management Vacancies:

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Faction Management Vacancies:

Post by Surreal » Wed Jan 23, 2019 2:42 am


Hey everyone,

As you may remember in the past, Faction Management was opened up to both staff and non-staff members alike. This means that experienced community members are able to be a part of faction management, provide their input on discussions and help make decisions for Faction Management. Faction Management is responsible for deciding on new official factions, discussing standards in existing official factions, resolving faction problems and generally overseeing the faction scene. The team manages various outputs to the server, like the Strawmen Scheme, the Drug Distribution Scheme and the Melee Weapon Scheme which facilitate the flow of weapons and drugs to officials, unofficials and independent players. It is also responsible for managing the server's turf map for illegal factions. We also hold a monthly Faction Management meeting with all members of Faction Management, leads and developers where availability allows. In short, the team have important responsibilities that call for the right people to get involved. Being vocal and actively contributing to (or generating) current and future discussions is an absolute must.

If you're somebody who ticks the following boxes:
  • Has long-term experience on the server, and knows the ins and outs;
  • Has an array of personal experience in the illegal faction and role-play scene;
  • Willing to dedicate time to actively generate, or contribute to, discussion topics;
  • Contributions in Faction Management Public are preferred, but not essential.

Then feel free to send me a private message titled "Faction Management - Letter of Interest" so that you can be discussed by the team. Please outline your faction and role-play experience, and why you think you'd be a good addition to Faction Management.

Remember: this is open to all community members, and not just the server's staff team. Please do not apply for the sake of applying, as this is not a role handed out to the community in large quantities. Please ensure you read the criteria above before applying.

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Re: Faction Management Vacancies:

Post by Jakey » Sun Jan 27, 2019 6:38 am

Thanks for the interest, we're currently reviewing the applications and we'll get back to you over the next few days.


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